Hârn adventures

Lost Generation

The first in a series of three. A minor Rethemi village suddenly becomes embroiled in politics. But then much older claims arise that may cost more than just the lifes of those involved. (The complete sources for this adventure here.) english

The Lucky Few

The second in a series of three. An expedition into the Rayesha mountains hot on a trail reportedly a thousand years old. The foundations of Hârnic society may be at stake. (The complete sources for this adventure here.) english

Stay Behind

The last in this series of three. How does Hârn react to a reborn king? Cleanse an undead abomination from the island or let a self-procclaimed religion of harmony rekindle a thriving community. (The complete sources for this adventure here.) english

Figurine of Fertility

In search of a lost relic the players will find themselves amongst a host of other treasure hunters. As the artifact changes hands ever so often, a long-dead sorcerer fleers from his grave. english

Intrigue in Kaldor

Two knights with entourage in Kaldor on their way to a tourney with more than just jousting on their mind. Setting is the center of feudal Kaldor. Not everything is as it seems. german

Prophecy in Melderyn

Two groups see totally different sides of the story as a city seems to be pitted against a manor lord. A double feature, non-standard crime solving adventure. german

Two Doubles

I finally managed to get the two adventures above ("Intrigue in Kaldor", "Prophecy in Melderyn") translated. I combined the two into one document. Please read the blurb above for some notes on the adventures. english

The Foundation of Araka-Kalai

A double feature with Karl "Charlie" Wienke, who is co-author. A journey into the depths of Araka-Kalai contains several puzzles which would challenge a Save-Knorrian. But this is about Ilvir, isn't it? german

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