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Hârn maps

Leriel map

Leriel is a Jarin held domain in the center of Orbaal or rather back-country. A center for pilgrims from and to Araka-Kalai and for the caravans along the fur-road.

Lorkin map

Lorkin lies on the east coast of Orbaal and is home of one the most scheming clans. It also was the center of Jarin unrest some years ago. Head south for Noron, a most mysterious subject.

Marby map

Marby is one of the northernmost clanholds in Orbaal. Relatively Jarin friendly and more "civilized" than most of its neighbours, it was subject to some murders lately.

Obew map

This was created for a Harn campaign of mine and shows a special, non-official situation. It depicts the area north of Araka-Kalai and south of Gwaeryn. It is held in a new style, similiar to the one uses for its regional maps. It is quite big.

Sherwyn map

One of the first clanholds established in Orbaal, it is home of a more ruthless clan. The surrounding isles are home to two other clans which show signs of dissidence. See also the publication Thoen on a separate page.

Sirion map

I mapped Sirion for the "Carved in Stone" adventure from Neil Thompson available at when I ran it. Since it shows a greater resolution of the area with all locations involved than previously published sources, it may be of interest to a broader audience than myself.

Zuden map

Zuden is another Orbaales domain in the north. Famous for its vendetta with a neighbouring clan.

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