Version 1.1

This is an on-line tool to generate Hârnic Vessels. For a meaning of terms unclear refer to Columbia Games ``Pilot Almanach'' publication. This tool assumes you are passingly familiar with the rules and terms specified therein.

Use the form below to specify as much as you want. Come back to the top and choose among the formats given. Everything left blank will be randomly generated or set to a default value. Some entries do not make much sense when they default, but that is your option. Here are some more hints:

  • The FORM option below can be used to fine-tune the output of the script. Otherwise passing the output back into script can be considered a conversion into another format.

  • If you want an empty field, then enter a blank space or a dash. This should give you what you want. Truely empty fields will be randomly generated.

  • The script has a certain order and it does not calculate backwards, e.g. if you specify ``Net Burthen'' the script will not work out a distribution of Gross Burthen, etc. that will fit - it will just not recalculate ``Net Burthen''. Order of calculation is straight forward.

  • ``Pindar'' is a vessel type, not ``Pinda''. Apart from the other, unique vessel types, ``Square'', ``Venyn'', and ``Mixed'' are keywords. The latter should be specified in paranthesis in the sailing grade clause.

  • The Shipwright category should include a number, if you specify it (you should!). If you put the number in brackets (``[ ]''), the number will disappear from the output.

  • The ``Other'' categories under Equipment and Burthen are not subtracted from Net burden. To accomplish that, you will have to adjust Net burden yourself, the filled-out FORM suggests itself.

  • If you want to add Pindars to equipment, you have to calculate time/cost/burthen of this yourself.

  • Job cost and job time are modified with data from the ``Port Almanac''. Enter that in the fields outside of the form proper.

  • The rules state that initially vessels will be leaky. Vessels may also be Kamba straked. If you wish any of that to happen, select the check boxes below. Since you may not want leakage to be printed in ink, leakage is optional.

  • After shakedown of a vessel the shipwright may reroll several factors (such as ``Hull''). You will find them below the format section. Rerolling only makes sense if something was rolled (or fixed) in the first place and can only be used with the FORM output format. (But the final output can be anything, see above.) Note that ``Total Mandays'', ``Vessel Cost'', ``Date Launched'', and ``Date of Comission'' are affected.

Important Note: The output generated is subject to the GPL (Gnu Public License) as long as compliance with this license does not violate rights held by Columbia Games Inc. or N. Robin Crossby.

Kamba strake Leakage
Shipyard Cost factor: Shipyard Size:

Vessel Name: Owner:
Vessel Type: Registry: Expiry:
History Dimensions Berths/Cabins
Port Built: Length: Cabin 1:
Shipwright: Beam: Cabin 2:
Date of Laying Keel: Depth: Cabin 3:
Date Launched: Draft: Cabin 4:
Date of Commission: Freeboard: Cabin 5:
Total Mandays: Masts: Cabin 6:
Vessel Cost: Height: Total Cabins:
Crew Watches Specialists Provisions
VCF: Port Starboard Pilot: Daily Consumption:
Sailing Crew: Seamanship: Seamanship: Apprentice:
Other Crew: Shipwright: Shipwright: Chippy: Provisions Aboard:
Passengers: HR: HR: Apprentice:
Total Aboard: Fatigue: Fatigue:
Sailing/Oar/Repair Factors Hull Tightness Rigging
Sailing Grade: Steering: Basic: Basic: Basic:
Beat MPs: Haul MPs: Run MPs: Damage: Damage: Damage:
Oar Grade: Oarsmen: Oar MPs: Current: Current: Current:
Repair Factor: Flooding: SQ1: SQ3:
SQ2: SQ4:
Burthen Equipment Notes
Gross Burthen: Spares:  
Crew Quarters: Anchors:
Provision/Lockers: Slave Shelves:
Spares/Storerooms: Castles:
Other: Other:
Other: Other:
Net Burden: Other:
Primary Crew List
Rank Position Wage ML Wch Port Sign-On Pay-Off Owed Notes